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Employment Discrimination

For over 55 years, Nathan Davidovich has provided employees with excellent and thorough legal counsel and representation in labor and employment related issues.


Attorney Nathan Davidovich

Mr. Davidovich has been a trial lawyer during his entire career. He specializes in employment law and complex civil litigation and has been involved in many jury trials in both State and Federal Courts.

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Legal Counsel for Employers

The firm provides pre-litigation advice and counseling to employers on general employment, pre-termination, wage, contract and overtime issues to help them avoid litigation and to comply with the numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship.

– Colorado Labor and Employment Lawyer –

For more than 55 years, premier Colorado Employment lawyer Nathan Davidovich has provided employees with excellent and thorough legal counsel and representation in labor and employment related issues.

  • Over 55 Years of Experience
  • Member of the National Employment Lawyers Association
  • Member of the Colorado Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyers Association

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Wages & Salary

Medical Leave Disputes

Claim Denials

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Employment Law Attorney Nathan Davidovich works closely with every client in order to get to the heart of their legal matter. Nathan’s unique style allows him to discuss case details in a clear, direct, and understandable manner while also forming strong relationships with his clients.

We consult Nathan Davidovich on numerous employment related concerns for our company. He is always responsive, thorough, deliberative and fair. We are pleased with his service.


Nate is a fantastic and very knowledgeable attorney. He continues to work closely with me on our case and keeps me in the loop.


I searched for an employment lawyer for a dispute with my former employer regarding a repayment of a sign on bonus. I was worried about finding someone who could get me through this quickly without paying more for the lawyer than what I was being asked to repay. Nathan called me immediately after I initiated contact. He sent the contract right away and once he received payment by the…


It is my pleasure to write an endorsement for Nate Davidovitch. He is an intelligent and conscientious person who takes his work very seriously. Nate possesses exceptional problem solving skill for diffusing confrontational situations. He can clearly and effectively speak about with a problem then suggest a settlement solution with ease. …


Nathan listened well to my situation and agreed to work with me when some others did not and he did not hurry me at any time. He was very good at giving me options each step of the way. He was able to retain my unemployment benefits after being challenged. He was personable and I thought he was more caring than most lawyers. Also, he was diligent about meeting deadlines.


The law is the law, nothing can change that so it becomes important when involved in a lawsuit to have an attorney who will be your best law advocate. Nate is not only a strong and experienced advocate but he is responsive to the values of his clients so you don’t leave meetings feeling like you compromised your ethics at all. Nate is communicative, flexible and trustworthy, I recommend him without reservation for employment law cases.


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