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4 Actions to Avoid After Being Fired

Being fired or losing your job is always a difficult situation. Reacting to a job loss means you’re going to find yourself facing a whirlwind of rough emotions, ranging from anger to sadness to frustration. Even if there are legal issues regarding a person’s job termination, it’s important to avoid doing certain things, as tempting as they may seem, because that could hurt your job hunting efforts down the road. Although it might be difficult, a person who is fired should always keep a level head and avoid acting rashly or making decisions without thinking first. You also need to begin taking the next steps toward your new job, and you don’t want to sabotage those efforts in anger  

In the long run, it’s going to benefit you to consider the important things not to do after being fired from a job, regardless of the circumstances.

Behaving Unprofessionally

Of course, it can be difficult for anyone after they’ve been fired from a job, but above all else, you should go out of your way to avoid behaving unprofessionally. When you’ve been notified that you’re being terminated, your first instinct might be to explode, to yell and scream at your now former supervisor or boss and other people at the workplace, but this can work against you in the long run. The best thing to do is remain as calm and quiet as possible and to simply leave.

Declare a Future Lawsuit

Another action you should avoid if you recently got laid off or terminated is to declare you’re going to sue the company. Even if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated and have a legitimate claim, announcing your plans to file a lawsuit simply results in the individual leaving a final negative impression on the employer. Instead, if you do plan to bring legal action against a former employer, you should discuss the situation with a lawyer first. This is a wise course of action to take, especially if you believe you’ve been fired for a discriminatory reason.

Lie About the Situation

No matter what, it’s important that if you got fired from your job, that you never lie about the situation or the circumstances surrounding your termination. Generally speaking, most employers who interview a person for a position afterward are mainly interested in whether they’re qualified for the job. Overall, they’re not looking for reasons to believe the individual is not qualified. However, being dishonest about your past employment can backfire and prevent the person from being considered.

Show Anger on Social Media

Don’t use social media as a way of retaliating against your former employer. What you post remains on the internet, and if you’ve made negative comments about former employers or write about being fired from your job, future employers can see that, and it can reflect poorly on you. If you feel a strong need to vent your frustration, pick up the phone and call a friend or family member first.

At the end of the day, a person who has been fired from their job and believes it was done unfairly or illegally should explore their options, and speaking with an experienced and competent employment law attorney can greatly help those efforts. Anyone who believes they have been wrongfully terminated should immediately consult with an attorney.

Do Select a Compassionate Employment Discrimination Lawyer

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