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Workplace Discrimination

4 Key Signs of Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is one of those taboo topics that most people try to stay clear of. While it may be brought up in company message boards or during small talk around the water cooler, very rarely do individuals who suspect employment discrimination take action to expose it. This is largely due to many being unaware of discrimination and otherwise unjust business practices.


The fear of many would-be whistleblowers is to be loud and wrong, which is completely understandable. Well before you raise the issue in the workplace or seek legal counsel, take heed to these four tell-tale signs of work discrimination.

Demeaning Tones in Conversation

Discriminating supervisors and coworkers often reinforce their discriminatory views through conversation. They commonly unnecessarily belittle individuals and speak to them in rather harsh terms for no clear reason. This is a prime example of employment discrimination, especially when the conversations revolve around age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or race.

Strategically Assigned Work Duties

Managers will often strategically assign lesser tasks to certain individuals, or assign tasks that are virtually impossible to complete within the allotted time frame. This is a tactic commonly used to reinforce one’s predisposition to a certain demographic’s inability to perform “necessary” work duties. In many cases, managers would use one’s refusal or inability to complete these tasks as grounds for termination.

Noticeably High Turnover Rate

A high turnover rate at a company or business can often be linked to issues in the workplace. While it is possible, though unlikely, that the company simply can’t find the right person to fill a position, problems like employment discrimination can also push many employees to seek employment elsewhere. This is especially true seeing that people generally have some level of tolerance for substandard work environments.

Unnecessary Interview Questions

Interviews, in general, are seen as the second step in the hiring process after a manager has reviewed your resume. During this time, they will usually ask questions about the information listed in your resume and further explain your potential work duties. However, any questions that reference a stereotype or are in any way inappropriate can be an early indicator of employment discrimination.

Reporting Employment Discrimination

Federal and state laws safeguard you from any form of employment discrimination and penalize individuals who violate them. If you believe that you’ve been a victim of employment discrimination in one way or another, don’t hesitate to seek legal counsel who can explain your options going forward.


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