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denver lawyerWhether they are written or verbal, contracts set the foundation for every employment relationship. In an ideal world, employees would always understand the terms of their employment because these terms — including the length, wages, benefits, and the rights and obligations of each party — would be clearly identified in a written agreement; however, this is often not the case in the real world. Often, employment contracts are unclear or lack crucial details.

If you have been presented with an employment contract in Denver which raises questions or concerns, it is in your best interest to work with a knowledgeable employment lawyer to review it with you. An attorney who has a fundamental understanding of contracts and Colorado employment law can make sure you understand what the new opportunity will entail and whether or not it is favorable to you.

Working with a Denver Employment Contract Lawyer

You are strongly urged to review and comprehend any proposal before agreeing to it. Signing an employment contract without a full understanding of what it holds for you is a high-risk decision that may lead to significant hardships down the road. An employment lawyer can review the contract before you accept the terms and conditions of employment.

With a Denver employment contract attorney by your side, he or she can help you:

  • Understand the terms of the contract
  • Negotiate the conditions of employment, such as pay, benefits, and hours
  • Understand the legal effects of contract terms, such as non-compete agreements and grounds for termination

Working with a lawyer is crucial for taking full advantage of your position as a prospective employee prior to accepting a new job opportunity. A lawyer can help you negotiate for better pay and benefits, such as healthcare and vacation time. He or she can also help you work out a schedule that suits your needs or an arrangement that facilitates working remotely.

Denver Contract Lawyers Provide Assistance During and After Employment

Unfortunately, many employees may not do all they can to negotiate desired terms in a new employment opportunity before accepting a position and signing an agreement. It is exceedingly difficult to modify a contract after agreeing to it. An employment contract lawyer in Denver can increase your chances of successfully negotiating a contract modification.

A versatile contract attorney can also help you take the proper course of action when addressing contract disputes in the event that your employer fails to uphold his end of the agreement. A breach of contract is a common civil claim due to the widespread nature of contracts. These types of disputes must be handled with the care and attention of an employment lawyer.

One of the most important ways an employment contract attorney can assist you is after your employment with a particular company. An attorney can help you fight a wrongful termination. If your contract provided that you would work for a company for a specific period and you are let go before the end of that time frame, you might have a wrongful termination claim.

Competent and Courteous Employment Litigation in Denver

Employment contracts are complex matters that should involve legal expertise. Attorney Nathan Davidovich of Davidovich Law Firm, LLC has over 55 years of experience providing competent and conscientious legal counsel pertaining to employment matters in Denver. He vigorously represents clients to achieve the best results possible in a case and thoroughly communicates with clients regarding the status of their case.

To learn more about how the Davidovich Law Firm, LLC can help you resolve an employment contract matter, call (303) 825-5529 or complete our contact form. We hold a 2015 Clients’ Choice Award for outstanding service and have a 100% Client Recommended Review on, the premier rating service for attorneys.

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