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A strong workforce is what keeps our economy booming. When employers violate the law or act in bad faith against their employees, workers deserve competent representation to protect their rights and regain their dignity. At Davidovich Law Firm, LLC, we understand that unresolved employment disputes seep into everyday life and create daily hardships. Our employment law firm based in Denver, Colorado takes pride in representing Colorado workers in all aspects of employment law.

Attorney Nathan Davidovich has represented workers for more than 55 years. As an experienced trial lawyer, he has multiple state and federal jury trials under his belt. As the head of Davidovich Law Firm, LLC, his expertise includes representing clients against companies both small and large. We provide close and personal attention to each and every case, offering all the advantages of working with a boutique law firm that has ample resources comparable to those of larger firms. This way, we can give your case the best chance at success.

About Davidovich Law Firm, LLC

At Davidovich Law Firm, LLC, our goal is to protect your reputation while striving to obtain the best results possible in your employment case. Whether you believe you are the target of discrimination or your employer has breached a contract, our selective approach to our caseload ensures that we consider every detail of your case before deciding on a course of action against your employer. Our firm also promotes a preventative approach to employee relations. We understand that the best way to avoid legal disputes between employers and employees is to employ clear and law-abiding workplace practices from the start. 

Nathan Davidovich eagerly guides employers seeking to draft employee handbooks and policy manuals, and effective non-compete agreements. He also collaborates with employers seeking to present seminars that immerse employees in discussions regarding Colorado’s anti-harassment and discrimination laws. 

If you wish to discuss your employment issue with an attentive and trustworthy attorney in Denver, be sure to contact our firm by calling 303-825-5529. You will then be able to schedule a consultation with Nathan Davidovich.

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