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What Makes a Colorado Business a Great Place to Work?

Not long ago, employees were relatively content to work for a company that provided benefits and stability. Workers often stayed with a company for decades, receiving promotions and raises along the way that kept them motivated to grow alongside the business until retirement. Nowadays, however, employees are changing companies and job titles much more frequently. Hardly anyone begins their professional career with the same company they’ll eventually retire from.

Today’s employee seeks more than a benefits package and fair pay, although these are still critical perks given in a culture where employers often treat workers as dispensable commodities. Workers seek employers who establish and promote supportive environments and are more discerning about who they might work for when applying for positions. Inclusive, open-minded, and diverse companies with strong values often attract the best employees. Do you consider your business a “great” place to work?

5 Traits to Make Your Company “Great”

The most appealing employers share traits that encourage enthusiastic applicants to submit specially-curated applications. They boost employee morale and push people to apply themselves to the fullest in a team effort to do what’s best for the company. Employees who believe their company is great usually believe that what’s best for the company is also beneficial to their career growth. 

If you seek eager, hard-working employees in it for the long-haul, think about how your business exemplifies these top characteristics of a great company. If you can’t effectively boast about these traits, it might be time to reevaluate your company’s management and other essential processes.

A Robust Culture of Encouragement and Support

Would your employees use the words “supportive” or “encouraging” to describe their work culture? These terms define traits that go beyond perks like a hockey table in the lounge or a well-stocked snack pantry. A culture of encouragement and support encompasses how employees behave around one another. 

Employees who feel they have a support system at work are less likely to become overwhelmed and needlessly stressed. They’re bound to deliver higher-quality work with a quicker return. A supportive culture takes measures to reduce instances of discrimination, promotes trust between employees at all levels, and instills a sense of purpose. 

Challenging Work and Opportunities for Professional Growth

Few employees find satisfaction from working like hamsters on wheels. As humans, we want to see the result of our work and challenge ourselves to do better. We crave knowledge and strive to find ways of learning and applying new skills. Employers that offer opportunities for employees at all levels to grow will give them something to strive for that can make the time they spend at work more meaningful. 

Employees Who Work Well Together

Many employers take care to consider whether applicants are a good fit for their company culture before extending offers. A healthy work environment consists of employees who get along and are comfortable collaborating on projects. A diverse group of employees who like each other and help each other succeed makes it more likely the company will prosper. 

Showing Employees They Matter

Dedicated employees show up every day to participate in the growth of your company. Recognizing individual employees’ hard work will often help maintain positive views of the company. Employers show their company cares about their professional development when they find ways of solving problems by applying the knowledge and passions of current employees instead of hiring new people to fill needed gaps. Promoting your employees shows them that your company values them as individuals. 

A Comprehensive Employee Handbook Available to All Employees

A winning company is well-organized and employs specific processes for employees to use their benefits, solve problems, and exercise their rights. The perfect place to record these processes for employees to reference as needed is an employee handbook.

Employee handbooks outline legal protections, explain benefits, and more. They are crucial tools for supervisors and C-level employees that save them significant time training and developing new hires. A complete employee handbook defines the company’s expectations for all employees and explains company policies. Great places to work typically make use of handbooks by providing them to all employees within their first week of being hired. They also make sure to update their handbooks regularly.

Could Your Employee Handbook Use an Update? Contact Davidovich Law Firm

Attorney Nathan Davidovich of The Davidovich Law Firm, LLC, has collaborated with Colorado-based businesses to develop effective handbooks for decades. Employee handbooks are most useful when they comply with state and federal laws. Having practiced employment law in Colorado for more than 55 years, Nathan is well-equipped to help your business draft the ultimate handbook. 

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